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Your Cat Won’t Eat a Full Raw Diet?

Add some raw Whole Foods to their bowl to boost the nutrients

So, have all efforts to transition your kitty cat to a full Raw Diet been in vein? is the furry feline still being obstinate and not accepting your offering?

This could well be the case, in particular with older cats.

What to do?

Stick with set regular meal times and don’t leave food out for more than say 30 minutes. But in place of a full Raw Diet you could introduce some Whole Raw foods, which are likely to be accepted by fluffy if given together with her preferred meal of Kibble or Wet Tinned Food. The crunch of a tasty and nutritional whole Sardine will probably be enjoyed, and will definitely be good for her. Whole Foods served at room temperature may be best.

There are a number of nutritional Whole Food options you can add to the furry one’s plate; we invite you to browse our Shop and Products; or if you drop us a message we will gladly be in touch to discuss the range. And who knows, perhaps with time the aroma and flavour of the Whole Foods may eventually sway her more towards full Raw.

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