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The importance of using a species appropriate shampoo on your dogs...

We all try to do the best we can when we feed our pets, and it is just as important to be as careful when choosing what to use when we give them a bath.

Some may turn to human shampoo when bathing their dogs, but this is definitely a no no. Human shampoo is formulated to maintain the pH balance of our skin, which is somewhat different to that of our pets. Not even those gentle baby head to toe bath soaps work on our doggos skin.

If it is used on them it can cause dryness and irritation and will also strip away the essential oils in our dog’s coat, which will leave them uncomfortable and itchy and also susceptible to skin infection.

Dog shampoos are specifically formulated to be kind to a dog’s skin, they are especially pH balanced and non-toxic. It’s more gentle and wont strip away the natural oils. A good pH balance will help with the protection against bacteria and infections.

For a healthy skin and coat try our Rooibos Hypoallergenic Shampoo, its gentle and mild with a pH balance of 7 specifically formulated for animals.

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