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Hi There. Welcome to Pooch Palate.
My name is Lindsay and I started Pooch Palate in 2019. The starting of this business sprouted from the love I have for pets and their well-being. I could think of no better way than supplying your dogs and cats with only the best. We are a Ballito based company and we supply our products to the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.
At Pooch Palate, we have sourced some of the most amazing brands that share the same vision as us. From RAW dog food, healthy pet treats to perfectly pH balanced shampoos for your dog, we stock it. We are always looking to grow our product offering, so keep your eyes open for some new products coming your way.
After feeding my own dogs RAW dog food for close to a decade, I can truly say that the difference the correct diet can make to our pets will effect they way they live. From stabilising weight, helping with skin issues to dental health and overall good nutrition, you will find what you are looking for right here with Pooch Palate.
We take our business very seriously and we love meeting our clientele face to face. Personal interaction with dogs and seeing what their requirements are is a top priority for us to ensure we get them onto the exact right diet and supplements they need.
For more information about our products or about us, please contact us directly and we are happy to assist.

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With her caring and helpful guidance, Linds from Pooch Palate helped switch my very active Belgian Malinois over to RAW food and he is absolutely loving his meal times now. Best decision I ever made. He is extremely active and needs all the nutrients he can get. The ordering process is easy and service is just the best. I know my pooch is in the best hands when it comes to wholesome meals. Thanks so much Pooch Palate for keeping my boy looking great and healthy.


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