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How Can Dogs and Cats Eat Raw Meat? What About Pathogens?

Updated: May 19, 2022

To Feed or Not to Feed Raw

There has been a tremendous amount of research done on the benefits of feeding our beloved pets a raw diet. It has definitely come up trumps; a species appropriate raw diet can meet the highest nutritional standards when adequately prepared, using a variety of good quality produce. Proper nutrition is paramount to the long term health in our pets.

What about Pathogens if our pets are eating raw meat?

Our furry friends are as susceptible to disease and poor health as we are; they deserve a good quality of life too, so it is very important that we are cognisant of what we feed them.

It has been well established that food eaten in as natural a form possible is the most beneficial for health and disease prevention.

The bacteria found in raw meat is deemed quite safe for your pets. But please be safe and ensure that all hygienic measures you take preparing your own meals are followed when handling your pets’ food. This is crucial in order to prevent food-borne illness and contamination.

We suggest:

  • Freezing the raw meat until ready for use

  • Keeping the raw meat separate from cooked food

  • Clean all preparation surfaces and food bowls well

  • Wash hands before and after handling the meat

Remember our doggo’s are Omnivores, being distant relatives of the Wolf; before they were domesticated their diet was primarily raw meat. Cats being obligate carnivores, need meat to survive.

Pooch Palate Raw Food products are:

  • Made of natural and wholesome ingredients

  • Fit for human consumption and can be traced to source

  • Proven to improve the health of pets, making pets and their owners feel good

  • Manufactured in such a way in order to achieve optimum nutritional retention in the food

  • Free of artificial preservatives, colourants, flavourings, wheat, corn or soy

  • Manufactured to the highest hygiene standards in their facility using fresh produce sourced from the markets daily

If you would like more information on the raw food diet, please feel free to contact us.

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