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When feeding your dog or cat RAW food, please follow the steps below to ensure the food is handled in the correct way.
Before you receive your order, I will have provided you with the approximate number of grams to feed your pet per meal. Please stick to this weight as closely as possible. If your pet gains or loses weight and you are concerned please contact me directly and I will advise accordingly.

Please note: these are feeding guidelines only, each individual case may differ.


How to Defrost your RAW food


Defrost the food at room temperature or overnight in the fridge. If you need to defrost the food quickly, place the pack in baking dish and add warm water.
Never defrost the food in the sun!
When the pack defrosts, it may leak a bit of red juice (beetroot colour), this is normal.

How to Measure Out Meals


Once the food is defrosted, decant the food into small sealable containers. This is when you need to measure the grams per meal for your dog.
Weigh each container to ensure the correct quantity of food is in each.

Storing Defrosted Food


Once you have defrosted your food and weighed it out you can store it in the fridge for up to 72 hours. 
It is normal for the mince to darken in colour.

Monitor Your Pets


f your dogs have any reactions to the food or they are turning their noses up at it, please contact me and I will be able to assist you. It normally takes dogs a few days to get use to the RAW food as their digestive system adapts.

Also, you will notice their poops will become smaller and will turn white, this is normal. His body will be absorbing all the nutrients in the food resulting in less waste in his poops.

For any queries or concerns, please contact me either on 083 255 4495 or


Figuring out how much to feed your pet doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Enter your pet’s information including their IDEAL target weight, not what they currently weigh. 

Please note: these are feeding guidelines only, each individual case differs.

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