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When a dog food product has the label ‘’Prescription Diet’’ what does this really mean?

There will be some of us who’s furry friends are not as healthy as they should be. Depending on the ailment, there may well be a need to offer a diet structured to support the problem. But we have to ask ourselves the question of whether a Prescription Diet is really something that should be considered! Is it really all it makes out to be?

A Prescription Diet, or in some instances, depending on the manufacturer, a Therapeutic Diet is marketed as food which is clinically formulated to cater for specific medical conditions. Such food is only available for purchase from a vet.

There are however, serious questions as to whether these foods are indeed what they claim to be! It is suggested by many that this is a marketing ploy which comes at a hefty price compared to other food.

If one looks at the list of ingredients of these purported medically formulated diets, there is little evidence of there being anything unique in them that cannot be found in other diets which need no medical approval whatsoever.

A well balanced meal plan should always be formulated to cater for our furry friends during the various stages of their life; and can be suitably tailored to support those with differing ailments.

If your fur kid is not doing too well, a visit to the Vet is always recommended. He is definitely the one to discuss medical concerns with and the most qualified to advise on the nutritional management of various health issues, but it surely does not have to be at the exorbitant cost of these Prescription Diets. There are other options….

At Pooch Palate we know our furry friends are part of the family and we need to give them the food they deserve to have a happy and healthy life.

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