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How to Recycle our Plastic Bags

Pooch Palate customers receive their frozen food orders packed in strong clear plastic bags.

Although we would prefer to ship in something more environmentally friendly, we have good reason for using these plastic bags.

When we receive your order, we immediately pack it, label it and keep it in the freezer waiting for collection or delivery. The plastic bag holds the frozen food items together firmly, which in turn prevents the food from defrosting whilst in transit. Unfortunately, anything less durable would break apart with the weight and liquidity of the contents.

We have been thinking of a few ways to reuse or repurpose these bags:

  • Keep your paint brushes and rollers in a bag

  • Line a paint tray

  • Use as a liner between a paint lid and the can before you store used paint

  • Use as a bin liner

  • Use to protect plants by covering them in the winter

  • Hanging plant basket liner

  • Keen gardener? Use one to collect the weeds

  • Line your car boot with the bag when purchasing plants

  • Think about them when doing arts and crafts

  • Packing away non seasonal clothes? These bags could be useful

  • Use one to collect the contents of the small indoor bins

  • Doing a clean-up in your car? Use one of the bags to dump all the junk

  • Keep some in your car for those long road trips

  • Keep a few in your beach bag and use for the wet clothes and towels

  • How about making a kite for the kids?

  • Do you travel with a lot of shoes? You could use a bag for them

  • They could be useful as travel laundry bags

  • Dirty nappies? Use a bag to empty the nappy bin before putting them in the garbage

  • Use one to dispose of your cat litter

  • How about using one to store your smaller garden stuff, like gloves and shovels.

  • Do you have a lot of garage cloths lying around? Use a bag to keep them together

  • Ask a local school if they could do with a few

  • Use a bag to store the rest of the bags

We would love to know if you have any ideas too and will gladly share them on our list.

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