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Dog Friendly Restaurants and Beaches in Ballito and Umhlanga

Weekend walks on the beach with your pooch can definitely be the best of the week. What’s nicer than strolling, jogging along with the odd throw of a ball that is quickly brought back for another?

For my family being able to go out for a good breakfast or brunch afterwards, and that includes with our furry friend, just tops off the morning. But where do you go with a doggo in tow?

We are fortunate in Ballito and Umhlanga to have a number of pet friendly beaches but restaurants that openly welcome our furry friends too; there are even one or two that have a special spot on the menu just for them!

Here are a few spots you can try next time you are out walking, remember of course to take along the necessary tools…a leash and a poop scoop are a must.


For the walk:

  • Sheffield Beach

  • Christmas Bay

  • Catfish Beach(steer clear of the main swimming area)

  • Thompsons Bay(steer clear of the swimming area)

  • Salmon Bay

  • Zimbali Beach

Now for the Hungry:

  • MoZamBik

  • Nikos

  • Sage Cafe

  • Zara’s Cafe

  • The Hops

  • The Galley Beach Bar & Grill

  • Siggi’s German Restaurant & Pub


For the walk:

  • Saratoga Beach Park

  • Umhlanga Beach

  • Glenashley Beach

  • Bronze Beach

  • Hawaan Beach

  • Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

  • Now for the Hungry:

  • Old Town Italy

  • Mary & Jo

  • Mo Noodles

  • The Oyster Box

These are a few examples of what is available at the time of posting this blog, but to be sure nothing has changed since this blog was posted it may be worth checking before you plan your day

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