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Happi Green Tripe 500g

Happi Green Tripe 500g

** Complementary Meal


A complementary meal must be fed in conjunction with a complete and balanced diet to fulfil your pet’s daily nutritional requirements. Each animal is an individual and feeding may vary with age and activity. Kindly contact us if you are unsure about how much to feed your pet. 


All Doggobone’s raw ingredients are sourced locally, from Department of Health approved establishments within South Africa and certified fit for human consumption. No chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, denatured or rendered products are used to enhance the appearance, taste or texture of the meals.


Everything Doggobone uses is grown and farmed in the Republic of South Africa. They grow some of their own vegetables to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and to promote sustainability and create more employment.


The proteins in their minced meals are derived from a number of sources e.g. Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Ostrich, Duck and Game. These are combined with seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs. On the recommendation of their Nutritionist they have also added an approved vitamin and mineral to close the ‘gap’ in the event any nutrients are lost during the production processes.


Registration V. No: 30459 Act 36 of 1947

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