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Dehydrated Mutton Ears 5 Pack

Dehydrated Mutton Ears 5 Pack

Dehydrated Mutton Ears are a great treat to keep your dogs teeth clean and shiny.  They are highly digestible, high in protein & low-fat natural chew for dogs.


They are the go-to chew for many dogs who are on the search for hypo-allergenic chews for dogs who can't tolerate other proteins such as beef or chicken.


The hair can help aid de-worming within your dog's intestinal system. As the hair passes through their system it acts as a natural cleanser.

If any worms are present within their system they will attach to the passing hair and into your dog's stools to help end the cycle and growth of the worm.



Lamb Ears with Hair Benefits:
 - 100% Pure Lamb
 - Helps aid de-worming
 - Hypoallergenic
 - Raw feeding friendly


  • Ingredients

    100% Lamb Ears

  • Feeding Guidelines

    Do not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake with treats.  Feed as a supplement and treat, not as a replacement of meals. Overfeeding of high protein treats can cause  stomach upset. Always supervise pets when feeding treats and always provide fresh drinking water to aid digestion.

  • Storage

    Feed within 6 months of packed date and store in a cool dry place. Alternatively freeze before expiry to preserve. Only defrost what  is consumed. Not intended for human consumption.

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