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Dehydrated Pork Pizzles (Single)

Dehydrated Pork Pizzles (Single)

Our Pork Bully/Pizzle Sticks are great boredom busters. They are 100% natural, pork pizzle heat dried with no salt or additives.



Salt and additive free

Single protein

High in protein but low in fat

A natural source of taurine and magnesium

Long lasting chew treats that help curb boredom and encourage the release of endorphins which help to naturally sooth and calm

Chew treats are also essential in helping the development of strong jaw muscles and help clean teeth

  • Ingredients

    100% Pork Pizzle

  • Feeding Guidelines

    Do not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake with treats.  Feed as a supplement and treat, not as a replacement of meals. Overfeeding of high protein treats can cause  stomach upset. Always supervise pets when feeding treats and always provide fresh drinking water to aid digestion.


    SMALL BREED           (1—10 kg)        *Not Recommended

    MEDIUM BREED       (11 –25kg)        *2-3 pizzles p/week

    LARGE BREED           (over 25kg)       3-4 pizzles p/week * Baby Beef

    Pizzles Sticks are better suited to smaller breeds and are more calorie appropriate.

    Calorie Content APPROXIMATE  kcal per 30cm stick (average stick length):  176

  • Storage

    Feed within 6 months of packed date and store in a cool dry place. Alternatively freeze before expiry to preserve. Only defrost what  is consumed. Not intended for human consumption.

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