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Catnip Healthy Treats For Cats

Catnip Healthy Treats For Cats

Rooibos Aromatics Healthy Catnip Treats For Cats are edibles made for kittens and older cats.

Catnip is added to these treats to help enhance your feline pet’s relaxation. As these treats contain yeast extracts, which can reduce the impact of fleas, it’s an all round winner of a treat for our feline friends.


Rooibos Aromatics makes these wheat-free cat snacks with 98% gmo-free, locally sourced ingredients, including organic certified Rooibos and Chamomile flower extracts.


Key Features:

  • Catnip and Yeast Extract: a taste your cats cant refuse.
  • Made only from natural ingredients.
  • Recyclable packaging with resealable pouch



Available in 100g

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