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Alfie’s Cat Food 200g

Alfie’s Cat Food 200g

Alfies Cat Food 200g Tubs are a complete and Balanced Meal for Cats, The Natural Healthy way to feed your cat.


The Ingredients are:

Chicken, Beef/Venison, Duck, Pilchards, Hearts, Liver, Egg (including Shell), Chicory Root, Yoghurt, Beetroot, Carrots, Herbs, Ground Flax Seed, Fortified with Approved Vitamins, Minerals and Taurine.

Please take note that the Chicken, Duck and Pilchards is finely ground including bone and that unless specified, all organ meat is from Beef or Sheep Origins


There are no chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, grains or cereals, denatured or rendered products are used to enhance the appearance, taste or texture of Doggobone Active Raw meals. All raw ingredients (meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit and herbs) are sourced locally from Department of Health approved establishments, within South Africa, and certified fit for human consumption.


A raw diet provides the most bio-available nutrition in the form cats’ bodies were designed to absorb. It will improve your cat’s overall health and relieve allergy symptoms with anti-inflammatory benefits. The stronger the immune system, the better chance your cat has fighting off allergies without medication.


Registration V. No: 28497 Act 36 of 1947

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