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Should Dogs Eat Rice?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

So often we ask whether our doggos can eat rice; normally the question pops up when a furry friend is having some tummy trouble. The answer is yes, they can, but it is definitely not an ideal species appropriate food.

If you do decide to feed your dog rice it should be occasional, in moderation and cooked simply without any seasoning; and only be a small part of their regular nutritional meal plan. Rice should not be given as a meal on its own. Do our dogs need rice in their diet – absolutely not.

Rice is a Carbohydrate and it is known that canines have little nutritional requirements for carbs when on a balanced raw diet; white rice is also high on the glycemic index and can cause a rapid spike in blood glucose levels.

It is said that white rice can help when your dog is suffering from gastrointestinal issues, which we do not dispute; but have you considered all your options of food that will help your doggo? Perhaps reviewing some healthier and more species appropriate options to give your friend if he is having tummy troubles? There is a lot to be said about the benefits of good nutritional vegetables in your pet’s meal plan, and including Milk Kefir with all of its wonderful properties to their diet, will also go a long way towards helping with tummy troubles.

We also stock amazing Pro-Biotics to help your pets gut health.

Please note that the above is not medical advice and each dog is an individual with differing dietary needs and requirements. If you are unsure if rice is best suited for your pet we suggest speaking to your local pet nutritionist or vet.

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