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Is your dog suddenly being a bit fussy on his Raw Diet?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Has your doggo decided to turn their nose up at his normal raw diet, or perhaps eating a bit less than normal and skulking off? If yes, then don’t stress, this could just be a phase, but one to manage and keep an eye on.

As with us humans, perhaps he gets a little bored of his regular diet. Like us, he may have a tendency to want ‘fast food’ for a change. We know that fast food is not ideal, so however much you may be tempted to scoop and dish a bowl of kibble, don’t give in.

Let's rather look at how we can liven up his normal raw bowl and get him interested again. We know that healthy food can be just as tasty as the not so healthy stuff, it’s all in the prep.

  1. Firstly, if your doggo is eating some of his meal but not all of it, is it because he has had his fill and we are perhaps over feeding?

  2. Our doggo’s deserve treats but have we been giving too many between meal times?

  3. Are meal times regular?

  4. Don’t leave an unfinished bowl of food out for longer than 20 minutes. Pick it up and put it away for the next feeding. Perhaps our friend just feels like a rest day and will eat better tomorrow.

  5. Stick with the raw plan but add a few tasty changes to get those juices flowing again.

  6. Keep variety up by offering a range of different proteins throughout the week.

Having ruled out illness and overfeeding think about what nutritious options are available that could spice up their raw bowl; Add a bit of Milk Kefir or Bone Broth to his bowl; and just in case they are missing a good CRUNCH add some Whole Foods from time to time. Do however remember that when adding variation, the balance is still important, so reduce other portions to accommodate the new stuff.

Looking for more options to help your fussy furry one along at meal time? At Pooch Palate we have an amazing range of options and we invite you to browse our shop or drop us a message and we will be in touch.

Please remember, if your dog is showing signs that there is something more serious going on get them checked out by your vet. You know your dog best, pick up on the queues they are giving you.

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