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Can a dog lose or gain weight on a raw diet?

The answer to this question is yes!

A lot is dependent on the meal plan.

There will be instances where we need to get our doggo’s looking a little less hefty; on the flip side some may need to pick up a bit of weight. Bear in mind though that fluctuating weight may not always be as a result of the diet, it can also be influenced by underlying issues like stress or illness.

If our furry friend is on the wrong side of the scale either way, there are things we can do to help get them to an optimal weight.

  • A good feeding schedule and meal plan should be in place.

  • Ensure portions are as recommended for the breed, size, age and activity level of the doggo; This is important for their health and we don’t want to over or underfeed.

  • Hydration is important too, dogs that are underweight can be prone to dehydration, fresh water should always be available for all our furry friends.

  • Regular exercise is a must as well.

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